The Danube

Only when you come to eastern Serbia can you realize what was on Johann Strauss’ mind when he was composing “The Blue Danube Waltz”, because it is here that this powerful river presents itself in its full might and greatness. The larger part of Danube’s course in eastern Serbia passes through the ‘Đerdap National Park’. Đerdap Gorge, where the Danube is the deepest and narrowest, is the largest in Europe, while rich history testifies to the presence of people in this region as early as 7000 BC. Even the Roman emperor Trajan tried to tame the Danube by building roads and bridges, and this was only partially managed by modern hydroelectric power plant builders.

At present, the Danube is an ideal place for a holiday on developed beaches and camps, for mingling with fishermen who are catching catfish in the middle of the Danube using fisherman’s rod (Bućka).