Only after you have come to eastern Serbia can you realize what was on Johann Strauss’ mind when he was composing “The Blue Danube Waltz”, because it is here that this powerful river presents itself in its full might and greatness. The larger part of Danube’s course in eastern Serbia passes through the ‘Đerdap National Park’. Nowadays, the Danube is an ideal place for rest on developed beaches and camps, for mingling with fishermen who are catching catfish using a fisherman’s rod (Bućka) in the middle of the Danube.

Here you can enjoy unparalled winter wonderland and winter sports. You have at your disposal the ski tracks on Stara planina, Crni Vrh, Stol but also those in the vicinity of the centre of the city of Zaječar.

Residing on the territory of eastern Serbia, in ancient times the Romans discovered healing waters on which they built baths and spas. Crowned heads, noblemen, bohemians, writers have gathered here for centuries. Whichever spa you choose, be it Sokobanja, Gamzigradska or Brestovacka spa you will feel reinvigorated.

A large number of endemic species of flora and fauna which are mostly found in the national park "Đerdap", give a special charm to these areas. The walk through Dubašnica, Miroč, Stol, Stara Planina ... refreshes and relaxes each guest.

You can try your fishing luck in trout catching in clear mountain rivers and streams of eastern Serbia, while thousands of hectares of hunting ground await hunters. Local people will be happy to show you how to use plants from nature, such as the Rtanj tea (Satureja Montana), which grows only on the slopes of Mount Rtanj. When the day gives way to the freshness of the night, sit around a crackling fire and hear the legends that are readily told here.