Tourism potentials of the municipality of Boljevac are extremely interesting, especially for adventurers and nature lovers. The traditional Vidovdan (St. Vitus Day) climb on the Mount Rtanj is one of the most beautiful night climbs and attracts hundreds of hikers and fitness enthusiasts from all over Serbia. The well-known Rtanj tea comes precisely from this area, and the event called “Picking of the Rtanj tea” is traditionally held here each year.


Among other natural beauties stand out the Bogovinska Cave (the longest cave in Serbia, with its 5 km of surveyed corridors). There are also many attractive springs (the Crni Timok spring in Krivi Vir, the Lozica and Buk spring, the Lukovsko spring).


The municipality of Boljevac, as well as other municipalities of Eastern Serbia, is rich in cultural events, mainly of a local character, but without doubt the most important of them all is “Crnorečje” – Festival of Popular Culture, which brings together the growing number of visitors each year and is on the way to grow into a true national event.