Tourism is the main branch of economy in Sokobanja and Sokobanja has been engaged in organized spa tourism for the past 180 years. Over all these years of being engaged in tourism, Sokobanja has grown into a leading Serbian spa by the number of visits during a tourist season, where over one million overnights are achieved. 

The climate is one of the most important elements of tourist valorisation of Sokobanja and the spa is rightfully called the “Air Spa” for it. Curative thermal springs of Sokobanja were known even in ancient Roman period. What makes Sokobanja attractive are thermal mineral waters, ideal elevation, temperate continental climate, fresh mountain air with a lot of oxygen and beautiful, pristine nature.

Writing about these regions, Jovan Cvijić, PhD, noted that Sokobanja and its surroundings may be called the “Serbian Switzerland”. Among the attractions stand out the Hammam (Turkish bath), the Local Heritage Museum, Legacy Gallery, the health centre Banjica and thermal springs. A special tourist spectacle is a hike to Sokograd, a fort built at the time of the Roman Emperor Justinian.

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