Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric, and Branislav Nusić, Stevan Sremac, Isidora Sekulic, were permanent guests of Sokobanja. Today, Sokobanja is one of the most visited spas in Serbia with an almost two centuries long tradition of tourism. Evliya Celebi, Turkish travel writer, wrote about public bath of Sokobanja as early as 1663.

It is located in the valley between Mount Ozren and Mount Rtanj, on the banks of the river Moravica. Due to high concentrations of oxygen, ozone and negative ions in the air, Sokobanja is an ideal place for the treatment of various diseases. Sokobanja organises numerous activities throughout summer and over 100 thousand tourists visit it every year.

Curative thermal springs of Sokobanja were known even in ancient Roman period. What makes Sokobanja attractive are thermal mineral waters, ideal elevation, temperate continental climate, fresh mountain air with a lot of oxygen and beautiful, pristine nature.
Writing about these regions, Jovan Cvijić, PhD, noted that Sokobanja and its surroundings may be called the “Serbian Switzerland”. Among the attractions stand out the Hammam (Turkish bath), the Local Heritage Museum, Legacy Gallery, the health centre Banjica and thermal springs. A special tourist spectacle is a hike to Sokograd, a fort built at the time of the Roman Emperor Justinian.

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