Ripaljka waterfall

Location: the municipality of Sokobanja

Here the water doesn’t fall down, it ‘jumps’.

Ripaljka is located near the leasure area Grudno, around 5km away from the centre of Sokobanja. It originated on the river Gradašnica and is one of the highest waterfalls in Serbia. It consists of 11 sections, the total height of which is around 40 m. The height of the highest section is 11 m. It was named after a local expression ‘ripati’ which means ‘to jump’.

The waterfall has the most water in spring, after the snow has melted. Above the waterfall there is a developed space with benches and tables for barbecuing.

Ripaljka waterfall was the first natural monument in our country to be protected by law. It is extremely attractive and is one of the places that tourists love to visit.