Archeo-ethno park Ravna

Location: Ravna, Knjaževac
Homeland museum of Knjaževac
Karađorđeva 15
19350 Knjaževac

Step into the time machine. Drink some coffee from our great-grandmothers' terrace.

Archeo - ethno park in Ravna is located 8 km north of Knjaževac. It is especially popular among lovers of customs and tradition, and the ambience of the park itself goes back two hundred years, into the life of the village from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.
The old Serbian Moravian house, built of post and pane, was moved here from Stara planina. In the yard there is a ‘ground-floor house’ with pepper wreaths, hung on uneven walls, and there is also a
cauldron for brandy with a cherry wood pipe nearby.

In the cellar of one of the houses is a wine museum with wine shops while in the old village school inside the complex there exists a research station for students and scientists. In the courtyard there is a lapidarium with Roman monuments which were found at the late antique site Timacum minus. Thus, in Ravna, ethnic motifs and traditions intertwine with a distant history.


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