The tour of the sacral facilities of the Timok Diocese begins on the bank of Trgoviški Timok, in Donja Kamenica, with the Church of the Holy Virgin. It was built in the early 14th century and represents a combination of Romanticism, Gothic and Moravian architecture. Just a few kilometres away there is the Holy Trinity monastery, which was erected in the 14th century. In the lower course of the Timok, in the quiet of centuries-old forests, there is the female monastery of Suvodol, and little lower near the village of Grlište is the Monastery of St. Peter and Paul.

On mount Ozren is Jermenčić Monastery which was built by Armenian monks in 1392. In the vicinity of Boljevac are the monasteries of Lapušnja and Krepičevac and a church Lozica which is supposed to have been a monastery once. Near the church is a very strong source of cold drinking water.

The Church of the Holy Trinity in Negotin, with its monumentality, gives a special feature to the old town core. In the vicinity of the town is Bukovo monastery, erected during the reign of King Milutin in the late 13th century, as well as the monasteries Koroglaš and Vratna. Not far from Vratna Monastery are the Vratna Gates, a unique natural phenomenon made up of huge stone gates - prerasts that connect the canyon.

Manastirica lies on a small stream Šajna, 20 km away from Kladovo; according to a legend Prince Lazar’s daughter found refuge there fleeing the East. It was destroyed and reconstructed several times.

Church of Holy Mother's Ascension and Church of the Holy Spirit Descent are the most important religious buildings in Bor. The church in Majdanpek is dedicated to Holy Apostles Peter and Paul whom miners from Majdanpek took as their patrons; Church of St. Nicolas in Donji Milanovac moved house three times together with the town.