Of tourism potentials stand out the peaks of the Crni Vrh and Stol mountains, the hunting ground Dubašnica, the complex of Zlot caves (Lazareva cave and Vernjikica), with extraordinary cave ornaments, sources of mineral and healing waters. Certain facilities of cultural and historical values in the Brestovačka Spa, 12 km away from Bor, have a   particular importance.

There is a residence of Prince Miloš from the first half of the 19th century, the Knyaz’s castle with a small circular pool and hot springs, the castle of Alexander Karađorđević from 1856, built in the Romanesque Renaissance style. There is a unique museum in the region, located in the town of Bor, the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy and the history of mining in the region. The Bor reservoir, which is primarily a resort for visitors from neighbouring municipalities, is also a significant potential.

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