Boat line from Kladovo to Drobeta Turnu Severin is opened

To the neighboring Romania it is possible to reach by the Danube, with a panoramic view of the beautiful Đerdap Gorge. Boaot Horizont, with international passenger ports "Kladovo" to Drobeta Turnu Severin will be traveling three times a day. Departures from Kladovo are at 9h, 14h and 21h every day. The price of the ticket in one direction is 600 dinars, while the return ticket costs 900 dinars.

The photo is downloaded from http: //vv.horizont-boat.com. For more information, visit http: //vv.horizont-boat.com

The luxury hotel Ramonda on Rtanj mountain opens its doors on 1st July!

Rtanj represents a phenomenon that attracts an increasing number of tourists, adventurers, mountain climbers and scientists every year. Anyone who has visited this mountain at least once claims that the air here smells different and that nature seems completely unreal. Also, many people talk about the positive energy they felt while staying here.

Accommodation and contents on Rtanj soon will be enriched with a luxury hotel "Ramonda". The hotel is designed as a place to awaken the life energy and return the lost power.

By selecting natural materials - stone and wood, the Ramonda hotel fully matched with the natural environment. The hotel has 21 accommodation units and can accommodate up to 90 guests.

A large restaurant with a terrace is a perfect place to enjoy gastronomic specialties, made from fresh local food.

The hotel also has a SPA center with indoor and outdoor pool, hydro-massage bath, steam bath, sauna and an attractive massage program, which allows complete relaxation. It is curiosity that chemicals are not used to purify the water in the outdoor pool of these hotel, but the water in the pool is poured out in a special pool in which plants purify water. This is a unique example in our country and represents a completely ecological way of purifying water.

In this environmentally and energetically efficient hotel building, even the owners of electric cars should not worry as Ramonda Hotel has its own charger.

Hotel Ramonda officially opens its doors on July 1! Welcome!

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