Stara planina, which mostly spreads through eastern Serbia, is the natural border between Serbia and Bulgaria. Tourist centre Stara Planina, at an altitude of 1780 meters, is becoming increasingly attractive for lovers of alpine skiing, snowboarders, and also for those who are making their first steps on skis.

With a view on the highest peak of Serbia, Midzor (2169 meters), in park of nature, the skiers have at their disposal some 13 km of developed ski tracks, an eight seat gondola, four seat lifts, ski lift-anchor on the track and a baby lift. The snow on Stara planina remains there until May.

In eastern Serbia, you can even ski in the town. Ski resort in Forest Park Kraljevica in Zajecar is only five minutes’ walk from the town centre. Ski track is 650 meters long, and the ski lift reaches its top in no time. Near Boljevac, there is a 280 meters long ski track on Mount Rtanj for amateurs and beginners alike.

Rajkovo Ski Centre with two, approximately 1200 meters long ski tracks, is located four kilometres away from Majdanpek. Residents of Bor and their guests can choose whether to ski on the mountain of Stol or on Crni Vrh.