Picnic areas in Sokobanja

Location: the municipality of Sokobanja

„Leptery“ is the most visited picnic region, situated in the area of the outstanding natural features ‘Lepterija-Sokograd’, two km from the center. Picnic areas can be reached by car or by walking along the river Moravica. There is the Church of the Birth of the Holy Mother and the phenomenon ‘Holy Virgin in the rock’. Following the paths through forest, the medieval fortress Sokograd can be reached, 500 m from Leptery

Picnic site "Ozren" is 5 km away from the center of Sokobanja. Ozren can be reached by asphalt road. It includes a large park with the sports fields, a children's playground and an artificial lake, a restaurant, the Mala Ripaljka waterfall and a picnic area. Nearby is Ripaljka, the highest waterfall in Serbia (total height 40m), which was declared the first Serbian natural monument in 1948.

Picnic sites "Očno" and "Kalinovica" are 3 km away from the picnic area Ozren. It is well known with the "Stone of Love", a lonely rock in the middle of a meadow, which is a symbol of love forever. The second is a glade, bordered by beech and pine forests, and is well known for its cold water springs. Benches and tables and barbecue areas have been built around the spring.

The Moravica river spring is a pleasant place for the rest and picnic, near the crystal clear lake where the river Moravica is formed. The river springs at a place called „Vrelo-Istoci“ at the foot of the „Devica“ mountain, 12 km from Sokobanja on the direction to Knjaževac. The spring itself is a natural phenomenon, because on the beginning of river it appears in the form of a spilled river flow, which is formed from a large number of underground springs. Nearby is the St. Ilija Temple. Mark's Cave and the trout fishpond.

The "Sopur" spring is also located on Ozren, on the road to the village Jezero, and is 8 km away from the center of Sokobanja. The spring is surrounded by a beech forest, and a picnic area is around it. From Shopur, along forest paths, you can reach the top of „Oštra čuka“ (1075 m), with tje magnificent view of the Sokobanja valley and the mountain Rtanj.

"Vrelo-Borići" is a famous picnic area, about 300 m from the center of Sokobanja. Vrelo used to be a fashionable picnic areas, where famous writers, actors, artists, politicians and Karadjordjevic royal family gathered. The trail is connected with the Borići picnic area, which above part is formed for picbic and bellow part for campers. In this part of Sokobanja, there is a memorial tap Hajduk Veljko Petrović and the summer stage "Vrelo".

Forest Park "Čuka 2" is located near the Sokobanja Special Hospital, in the Čuka settlment. Evergreen forest, health trail, children's park, wooden benches and holiday houses are just some of the attractions of this picnic areas. The areas is suitable for various sports activities such as badminton and frisbee, or for picnic and walks in a beautiful natural environment and a full day outdoors activities

„Vrelo“ is 21 km away from Sokobanja, and 6.5 km from Banja Jošanica. It is located at the foot of Bukovik and can be reached by forest trails. The main attractions of this picnic areas, located in a forest-meadow environment, are the springs of warm and cold mineral water, to whom it was named, pure nature and clean air.

Sesalac Cave is located in the Sesalac village, 19 km from Sokobanja. There is the 200-meters visitor’s trail inside. Its specific cave decorations can be seen, along with the small river. The picnic space is set in front of the cave, while there is also the artificial lake nearby.