Rgoska banjica

Rgoste, the village near Knjazevac, keeps one secret. A secret that its locals’ exceptionally love and enjoy. We will tell you a part of it:

Only 5 km southwest of Knjazevac, in the area of the village Rgoste, on the coast of the Svrljiski Timok river, there is hidden water pearl - the Rgoska Banjica spa. On an 800 m long aquifer, a whole series of springs erupted. A couple of them formed a natural lake in which the water temperature is constantly around 25 ºC. Analyzes have shown that water has an extremely beneficial and invigorating effects: the water contains magnesium, selenium, manganese, radon, fluorine.

It is known from ancient times. Roman legionaries bathed in it, as evidenced by the remains of a former Roman bath. In 1864, the Austrian traveller and writer - Felix Kanitz left a testimony about the healing properties of the spring in Banjica. Apart from the healing spring, this favorite picnic area of the people of Knjazevac and their guests, includes a paved beach, a park with equiped for children, and a parking lot.

A few years ago, the "Banjica" restaurant was opened at this location, under the management of the Public Company “Stara Planina”. This modernly decorated facility offers international specialties.
Water from the thermal spring supplies sports and recreation complex “Banjica”, which consists of an Olympic swimming pool where the water temperature is around 28 ° C, small aqua park for kids, mini courts for various sports, restaurants, saunas and salt rooms.