Rajko’s cave

Location: the municipality of Majdanpek

Do you know that there is such unusual beauty hidden under the Earth’s surface?

Rajkova cave is located 2 km from the center of Majdanpek, within the Djerdap Geopark. It has been arranged for tourist visits since 1975. There are two horizons available: river and dry, each of which has its own Spring and Abyssal part. The length of the explored canals is more than 3.6 km, in which there is cave jewelry of pure crystal white calcite. 

Rajko’s cave got its name after famous the duke Rajko, who is supposed to have lived in the 19th century. According to tradition, during the day he was innkeeper, while at night he robbed Turkish caravans and hid the treasure in this cave.

Rajko’s cave falls in the category of river caves. A river of the same name runs through it. In the cave one can find very interesting cave halls, baths, draperies and other cave decorations from pure white crystal calcite.

The cave is lit and very nicely settled. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of crystals and white decorations of the Crystal Hall, Concert and Hedgehog Halls, Small and Large Organs, Altars, Ghosts, Waterfall Hall, but also the hall that attracts the smiles of visitors: Girls' Breasts, Winter Fairy Tale…