Milušinac - an undiscovered paradise in Sokobanja

Location: Sokobanja 


If you are looking for excitement and adventure, visit the unusual tourist attractions near the village of Milušinac in Sokobanja, at the foot of the mountain Krstatac. This landscape is distinguished by rich hydrological resources and curious karst relief forms.

Krstatac is a limestone massif in Eastern Serbia that belongs to the Carpathian mountains. North of it is the mountain Slemen, from which it is separated by the Urdeški stream, and together they form the northeastern rim of the Sokobanja valley. It belongs to the medium-high mountains with the highest point of 1.070 m (jagged peak Šiljak) which is accessible from the village of Milušinac. From Šiljak there is a beautiful view of the Sokobanja valley, Ozren and Devica (in the south), Bukovik, Rožanj (in the west), Tupižnica (in the northeast) and Rtanj (in the northwest). Krstatac mountain is characterized by numerous attractive relief forms. The most famous forms of karst relief are several small caves, the window "God's Gate" and the spring Buk. At the foot of the mountain there is a cave "Novakovci" which is not arranged for the visitors.

The "God's Gate" represents the remains of a former cave located in the area of the village Milušinac, 15 km away from Sokobanja. It is a rare natural speleological phenomenon, so in addition to a large number of tourists, it also attracts scientists from the field of speleology. This area is also interesting for mountaineers. The starting point for mountaineers is the village Milušinac, from where you take the dirt road to Urdeški potok and upstream, along the forest path, you continue to "God's Gate", which is located at 690 meters above sea level. Near the "God's Gate" there is the Milušinac waterfall, the Manastirište picnic area and the Buk spring. The people believe that "God's Gate" has healing powers, and that if someone suffers from a serious illness, he can be cured by going through the door.