Lazar’s canyon

Location: the village of Zlot, the municipality of Bor

I will take you to a hidden place, through time and through space.

Passage through Lazar’s Canyon represents a trip through space and time, in which, like nowhere else, nature’s pulse beats through unusual peace and richness of the living world. Jovan Cvijić wrote about eastern Serbia with dedicated passion, often using descriptive and lyrical elements, which are so uncharacteristic for scientific works. One can say that whoever comes to Lazar's canyon gets so inspired.

On limestone basin, Lazar’s River sculptured a magnificent canyon 9 km long and around 500 m high. Although it seems as if it were a scene from the Andes, the Lazar’s Canyon is a jewel of eastern Serbia located not far from the village of Zlot, near Bor. Tucked in between the slopes of eastern Kučaj (Malinik mountain) and the karst plateau Dubašnica. Steep and rocky, it has kept its secrets for centuries in over 70 caves. One of them, Zlotska or Lazar’s cave, is developed and available to tourists. In this area there are over 720 herbs and it is also rich and abundant in wildlife. Lazar’s Canyon is the home of rare plants and animals: Crimean pine, yew tree, Ramonda Serbica, chamois, golden eagle, forest owl and gray hawk.