Djerdap National Park

The Djerdap National Park is located on the right bank of the Danube and the entrance from the Golubac fortress to the ancient fortress Diana in the length of 100km. The National park area is 636 km2, making it the largest national park in Serbia, and it is significant in European proportions by its natural and cultural heritage.

The Djerdap National Park was named by the most beautiful and most beautiful gorge on the Danube. Djerdap Gorge is the largest gorge in Europe. It consists of four gorges and three valleys, which are arranged in the following order: Golubac gorge, Ljupkovska valley, Gospodjin vir gorge, valley of Donji Milanovac, gorge Veliki and Mali kazan, Oršavska valley and Sipska gorge. The most beautiful gorge is Mali and Veliki kazan where the Danube narrows to only 140 meters and reaches a depth of 90 m, so the bottom is below the level of the Black Sea for about 30 m.

There are very rare plant species in the Djerdap National Park. It is also characterized by the variety and diversity of animal species.