The Djerdap Gorge

They say it is the most beautiful one. We recommend that you check it out yourself. Tell us your impressions.

Đerdap gorge, a piece of heaven which combines the empowering beauty of the nature with traces from history. The most beautiful gorge in Europe brought out the most beautiful aspect of the Danube and surrounded its beauty by mountains on either side of Serbian - Romanian border. Along its course the Danube is the longest and deepest in this gorge, which is also known as “Iron Gate” for its power and moodishness.

It came into existence a few hundred thousand years ago through the separation of mountain massif of the Carpathian Mountains. Into the fault there flowed the Panonian Sea and when the sea flowed away the Danube flowed into the gorge of 130 km where it remained until this day.

Đerdap gorge is the most beautiful part of the national Park “Đerdap”, which occupies 64,000 ha and stretches along the right bank of the Danube. In its course the Danube reaches the largest depth right here (96 m) which, at the same time, is the largest river depth in Europe and one of the largest river depths in the world. Also, in its whole course through Đerdap gorge the Danube is the narrowest at Kazan (160 m).

In the afternoon light the Danube takes on the colour and reflection that mesmerize, while the sunsets give unreal appearance to the whole ambient.