Beli izvorac

Location: the municipality of Majdanpek


Everyone who loved and read fairytales as a child will feel as if they have just stepped into one.

Natural monument ‘Beli izvorac’, as a bigar accumulation, is an important geomorphological object of surface karst relief, due to its exceptionality and state of preservation. In a relatively small space (around 300 m), there is a large waterfall, 16 m high. Beneath the waterfall, by deep penetration of the water through bigar, a cave canal was formed, 13 m long and 4 m wide and open on either side.

Downriver from the waterfall, in the streambed, there are numerous bigar walls, behind which lie bigar accumulations of a lake up to 10 m in diameter and 2-3 m in depth. Over the walls, the stream flows down in the form of cascades and smaller waterfalls, including two which are 5 m high. It is no wonder then that according to the Vlach mythology, Fairies gathered and danced right there on the plateau near the waterfall.