Eastern Serbia in 3 minutes

Eastern Serbia: wild, mystical and attractive.

East has always implied a dose of mystique, secrecy, special philosophies and beliefs used to interpret life. More than anywhere else in Serbia, reality and legend intertwine here so that it is difficult to differentiate between them.

Here you can see the oldest urban settlement in Europe, here is where the roman emperors built their palaces and where modern builders tamed the Danube. 

Here you can find a true untouched nature, mountains ready for adventures, spas for relaxation and caves for exploration.

Here reality becomes magic.

Only in eastern Serbia in one day you can:

  • fish or sail on the Danube, relax in one of the spas or ski in one of the ski resorts,
  • be at an altitude below the level of the Danube in the Negotin Plain and at 2.169 m on Stara Planina.

We want to share with you the best things that we have: the most delicious food, the rich heritage, hanging out with friends with songs and wine, breathtaking views, hospitality like nowhere else on the planet.

Average mark 9.4 at Booking.com is the best proof that eastern Serbia is a synonym for excellent service and friendly attitude towards guests.

Welcome to eastern Serbia!