The Museum of the Timok Rebellion

Location: Boljevac
Cultural and educational centre Boljevac
Kneza Miloša 4
19370 Boljevac

The Timok Rebellion of 1883 in the district of Zaječar was started by the representatives of People’s Radical Party against the government of king Milan Obrenović. It started when people, at the instigation of the head of People’s Radical Party, refused to hand over their weapons. The government’s response to that was the declaration of state of emergency and introduction of court-martial.
The Museum of the Timok Rebellion in Boljevac is situated in the reconstructed building of former old prison house, in which the rebels from the whole Crna Reka region were put. It was opened in 1983 on the centennial of the Timok Rebellion.
This prison was built in 1860 when Prince Miloš Obrenović proclaimed Boljevac the seat of the district.

Exhibit of the Museum follows the time before the Timok Rebellion, the beginning of the rebellion, the battle between people’s and standing armies, organization of the army in the 1880’s, material situation of the population at the end of the 19th century, the most important actors related to the rebellion, all to the court-martial and suppression of the rebellion.