Rajac wine cellars (Rajačke pivnice – pimnice)

Location: Rajac, Negotin
Tourist organization of the municipality of Negotin
Kraljevića Marka 6
19300 Negotin

Have you visited the place which doesn’t house people but wine?

Traditional way of growing vineyards, pruning, cultivation and winemaking has been preserved so far in Negotin Krajina. Processing of the grapes and cultivation of wines take place in special rooms – facilities which are called pivnice (wine cellars).

The most famous ones are Rajac, Rogljevo and Smedovac pivnice. Their hosts made an effort to turn some of them into a modern functional space, still retaining a specific ambience. They offered that space to tourists and in those wine cellars one can taste and buy wine.

Rajac wine cellars are located not far from the village of the same name, on a hill near the Timok. They represent a unique architectural complex of wine cellars which was built from the second half of the 18th century to the 1930s. The complex comprises 270 wine cellars around the central square with a fountain. They were built from cut stone and logs, and they are covered with tiles. The cellars are partially dug into the ground so that the temperature can vary very little during the year; on the upper floor there are premises for stay during grape picking and cultivation of wine.

Wine cellars in the village of Rogljevo represent the complex of 150 wine cellars. Most of them were built in the 19th century although some believe that, as in other places, there were some wine cellars here in the 18th century as well.
Just as other wine cellar settlements, these ones were formed from irregular streets with a central plateau with inscription, and a covered well as a cultural and a gathering place.

Wine cellars in the village of Smedovac, unlike the previous complexes, are located at the very entrance to the village on the road between Rogljevo and Rajac.