National museum Zaječar

Location: Zaječar
Dragoslava Srejovića 2
19000 Zaječar

Following in the footsteps of Romans and Turks to the heroic exploits of our grandfathers.

The National Museum Zaječar was founded in 1951, as a heritage collection. Cultural and historical significance of artefacts rank National Museum in Zaječar among the most important museums in Serbia. Today the Museum has the departments of: archaeology, history, art history and ethnology which have permanent exhibitions in the museum building, Radul-bey's Konak and the Museum of the Timok Rebellion. Since 1996 the Museum has had a department of documents as a separate department. Some exhibits take a prominent place in world cultural heritage (mosaics, sculptures, architectural decorations of the imperial palace Romuliana, etc.).

The national Museum Zaječar includes the following facilities:
- Imperial palace Romuliana – Gamzigrad
- Radul-bey's Konak
- Turkish watermill
- Nikola Pašić Endowment