Muzej Majdanpek

Location: Majdanpek

Svetog Save 41
19250 Majdanpek

Take a peek at the oldest preserved mine in the world.

In Majdanpek municipality there are two, for the cultural history of early Europe, the most important sites: Lepenski vir (between 6500 and 5500 BC) - the first human settlement in the open place, after the life of prehistoric man in caves; and Rudna glava - the first mine in Europe. the way documents the transition of man from the stone to the metal age.

Before the beginning o the construction of hydroelectric power plant on Djerdap, in 1965, near Donji Milanovac, figures of a fishing man, the famous "lepenca" (danibijus) were found, which originate from the end of the ice age. These figures represent the oldest examples of sacral architecture of sculptures ...
The altar, found in the shaft of the ancient copper mineral mine in Rudna Glava near Majdanpek, dates from the time of the transition from the 6th to the 5th millennium BC, ie the time when this area was visited by the so-called communities. Vinca culture. The altar with a rectangular shallow recipient and a shape in the form of a summarily modeled figure of a deer had more than symbolic significance for the ancient Vinča miners (aesthetic and spiritual value).

In the museoum in Majdanpek you can find a lot of information about that and much more.

The museum in Majdanpek was founded in 1998. It has an archaeological, ethnological, historical, artistic, technical, and mineralogical collection of documentary material.