Medieval fortress Fetislam

Location: Kladovo
Tourist organization of the municipality of Kladovo
Dunavska 6a
19320 Kladovo

This medieval fortress is located on the very bank of the Danube at the entrance to the town of Kladovo (from western direction). It consists of a Large (Velika) and a Small (Mala) fortress – Kastel.

The large fortress is a fortress with 6 polygonal towers-bastions, connected by ramparts; it has brick-walled walkways, it is surrounded by a water trench and has drawbridges.
During the latest reconstruction they put up inscriptions which exalt Sultan Mahmut II (1818 – 1839) at the time when the fortress got its present shape. Many buildings and facilities for various purposes were discovered inside the fortress.
The smaller fortress of the castle type occupies the highest part of the terrain near the river bank.

Fetislam fortress had had a turbulent history, often changing its masters who destroyed it and reconstructed it again, and who adapted it to their military and strategic needs. Since 1818, during the first half of the 19th century it was a Turkish stronghold.