Lepenski Vir

Location: Donji Milanovac
Visitors’ Centre - Lepenski Vir Museum
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19220 Donji Milanovac

Have you visited the roots of civilization?

Lepenski Vir is a spectacular archaeological site, uncovered in 1965 on the very bank of the Danube, 15 km away from Donji Milanovac. The culture of Lepenski Vir is around 8000 years old and it represented a total unknown for archaeologists. It was one of the most important discoveries of this kind in Europe. It was named after the location on which it was discovered.

Several key things sets Lepenski Vir apart from other prehistoric cultures. In this place people constantly lived for about 2000 years and during that time they evolved from hunters and fruit pickers to an organized socioeconomic community. Inhabitants of Lepenski Vir were the first urban planners and builders in this region, for they built houses with trapezoidal footing, covered with wooden construction, leaves and skins of wild animals. The houses had a hearth, a small sacrificial altar and stone sculptures which represented their deities. Those very sculptures became a recognizable sign of Lepenski Vir all over the world and they represent the oldest art of that kind in Europe.