Krajina Museum

Location: Negotin
Vere Radosavljevic 1
19300 Negotin

Do you know what connects Stevan Mokranjac and Haiduk Veljko?

Krajina Museum was established in 1934 on the occasion of the centennial of the liberation of Timok Krajina from the Turks.

Museum fund gradually increased so that today it disposes of around 15,000 items. The Museum consists of: the central building with archaeological, ethnological, historical and artistic exhibits, the birthplace of Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac and Haiduk Veljko Museum. Apart from the mentioned facilities in the town, Krajina Museum performs its activities at the birthplace of Momčilo Ranković in Rajac and archaeological site Vrelo –Šarkamen.

The building which houses the Museum was built at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The permanent exhibition follows the historical development of Negotin Krajina from the earliest times until the 20th century and is represented through the exhibits from archaeological, ethnological, historical and artistic collections.
Archaeological collection contains the items from the period 10,000 years BC until the 14th century AD. As such, archaeological fund can be divided into prehistoric, classic and medieval collection of items with a total number of around 7000 items.

Krajina Museum in Negotin has a rich ethnological collection as a testimony to the diversity and wealth of material and spiritual culture of this region: collection of textile materials, collection of ceramic and glass items, collection of metal items, collection of wooden items, collection of jewellery, collection of photographs.