Homeland Museum of Knjaževac

Location: Knjaževac
Homeland museum of Knjaževac
Karađorđeva 15
19350 Knjaževac

All that interests you about the history of our little Venetia.

In 1970, at the initiative of teacher Nikola Micić Lаnda, Knjаževаc got its History – Museum collection, founded at the Main library and since 1971 the town has taken custody of antiquities and items from local sites. The Museum collection was at the premises of the main library until 1975 when, after systematic archaeological researches on Roman – Byzantium site Timacum Minus in the village of Rаvnа, a permanent museum exhibition was opened in the building at 15, Kаrаđorđeva Street.

As an independent cultural institution it started work in 1980 under the name of Homeland Museum Knjаževаc.

During several decades of dedicated work, Homeland Museum Knjаževаc has become a complex unit which includes departments for archaeology, ethnology, cultural history and art history, conservation, photo documentation as well as a guide service.

The Homeland Museum includes the following facilities:
- the Town Museum in the house of Aca Stаnojević,
- the Archaeo-Ethno Park with a Lapidarium in Ravna,
- Timacum Minus

A special treasure of the museum in Knjаževаc is the ethnological collection of two-string knitted socks. The major part of the collection are 675 ethnographic items from the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century and an album, unique in the world, with 240 socks drawn in their natural colour and size.