Haiduk Veljko Museum

Location: Negotin
Krajina Museum Negotin
Vere Radosavljević 1

‘I will give my life, but I won’t give Krajina’ was his life motto. What is yours?

Haiduk Veljko Petrović (1780-1813), voivode of Krajina, is famous for his numerous feats in the defence of Negotin Krajina and the borders of eastern Serbia. His life motto ‘I will give my life, but I won’t give Krajina’, his personal courage and heroism quickly made him one of the greatest Serbian heroes that songs were sung about and made him a legend in his lifetime. Serbian Vožd Karađorđe appointed him a voivode and entrusted him with the defence of Negotin, where he died a hero defending Krajina from the Turks. The greatest Serbian composer Mokranjac dedicated his 6th ‘’Garland’ (collection of songs) to him.

The house in which Haiduk Veljko Museum is located was built in the 1860s by obor-knez of Negotin Todorče. Powder chamber is located in the churchyard of the Holy Trinity church in Negotin. It was built of stone and until this day it has completely preserved its authentic appearance. It was an integral part of the fortress ‘Baba Finka’ and today it is its only remaining part since the fortress was torn down in 1883.