The Holy Trinity Church

Location: Negotin
The Timok Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church

The Holy Trinity church with its monumental and architectural values gives the old town core of Negotin a special visual feature.

Negotin became the spiritual centre of Krajina in 1842, which initiated the construction of a new church - the Holy Trinity church. The church was built at the site of the famous Baba-Finka’s fortress.

The church is in neoclassical style with elements of Renaissance revival architecture. The paintings in the church were painted in 1901 by academic painter Stevan Todorović with his wife Poleksija, Milisav Marković and Pavle Črtanović. With its rich acoustics and ambience, the church has excellent conditions so that concerts of spiritual music can be held there. In the north-eastern part of the churchyard there is Haiduk Veljko’s powder chamber. The powder chamber dates as early as the Turkish period. At the time of Haiduk Veljko, the powder chamber was a part of the fortress ‘Baba Finka’. The Holy Trinity church in Negotin, with its preserved items of art, has enormous historical, architectural and artistic value which testifies to the cultural and artistic circumstances in Negotin and Serbia at the end of the 19th century.