Suvodol Monastery

Location: the village of Selačka, Zaječar
The Timok Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church

The monastery was built on a plateau cut into Mount Manastirska Glama and is dedicated to the Nativity of Holy Virgin Mary. It ranks among the oldest endowments in Serbia and is related to Prince Lazar. The time of its construction is unknown because the old monastery archives were burnt during the wars.

The inside of the church is painted in frescoes which show scenes from the life of Jesus Christ and the Saints. On the iconostasis, the frame of which is done in the style of neoclassicism, majority of the icons date from the second half of the 19th century. They represent valuable art works of educated artists. Among them are the icons of Milisav Marković from Knjaževac, one of the most prolific icon painters from Timok Krajina, painted in 1892.