Saint Elijah church

Zavod za zaštitu spomenika kulture Niš
Dobrička 2,
18000 Niš

Saint Elijah church in Boljevac was built and painted during the reign of Mihajlo Obrenović, in 1861, and at the time when Archbishop and Metropolitan Mihajlo and bishop of Negotin Gerasim held office. Milija Petrović, rector of Boljevac parish supported the construction and painting of the church.

 The church in Boljevac was built in baroque style, following the pattern of The Cathedral Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Belgrade, which is testified by the architecture itself and by the arrangement of elements inside the church. As far as paintings are concerned, the church has a painted iconostasis and frescoes on the arch. Apart from paintings which contain scenes from Christ’s life, presentations of holy mother of God, John the Baptist, Saint Elijah and those of the apostles, the iconostasis has rich carvings.