Bukovo monastery

Location: the municipality of Negotin
The Timok Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church

On the slopes of Bratujevac mountain-range, 4 km west of Negotin, lies the monastery of Bukovo, in which a secret alliance was signed between the Serbs and Bulgarians in 1912 for the war against Turkey. The monastery is located in a picturesque area surrounded by forests and has a wonderful view of Negotin, Prahovo and the place where the Timok debouches into the Danube. The church is dedicated to the holy father Saint Nicholas the Miracle Worker. According to its architectural and stylistic characteristics, it is considered a special variant of the Moravian school.

An agricultural school for viticulture and fruit growing, famous for the production of wines even beyond the borders of our country, is located on the land of the monastery. Today, the Monastery of Bukovo is a male monastery with 4 workshops: tailor’s workshop, carpenter's workshop, iconography workshop and a winery.