Tourism is slowly becoming recognized as the backbone of the future development of the municipality. Tourist centre on the Mount Stara Planina is the greatest potential of this region. In recent years, the entire complex is being developed and already a new 4 star hotel was built and a number of very attractive ski trails with modern ski lifts were developed. Also, the plan is to quickly complete the development of utility infrastructure and access, asphalted, roads. All this has stirred great interest of tourists.

Among other things, the municipality of Knjaževac is known for its cultural and historical monuments, above all, for the ethno-archaeological park Ravna. The park features reconstructed houses from the 19th century, as well as a collection of stone monuments and exhibits from the archaeological site Timacum Minus, from the Roman period, which is not far from Knjaževac. The Local Heritage Museum of Knjaževac is specific in that that one can see a unique exhibition of double-knit wool socks in it.

“Molitva pod Midžorom” (Prayer at the foot of Midžor) and “Sabor na Kadibogazu” (the Gathering on Kadibogaz) are the most famous events that take place in the municipality of Knjaževac. These events keep the tradition and old customs through the preparation of traditional dishes, telling folk stories and poems, performing traditional folk music.

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