TOP 10 prirodnih atrakcija istočne Srbije

Eastern Serbia is very rich with natural beauties. We present to you TOP 10 natural attractions, based on selection of facebook visitors Visit East Serbia: www.facebook.com/visiteastserbia.

Mountain Stara Planina

Fall in love again!

Stara planina is a pearl of nature of unique beauty and immense wealth. On its hillsides it hides numerous villages, picnic grounds, springs, caves, monasteries and old towns. It offers a perfect vacation with adrenaline, entertainment and various tours of hiking, skiing, cycling, while on the other hand it offers peace and quite typical of the old days in the nearby villages of authentic architecture and landscape. Lovers of winter sports have at their disposal the ski tracks of Jabučko ravnište, Babin zub, Rudine, Sunčana dolina and Konjarnik with accompanying lifting installations – gondola lift, four-seat ski lifts and ski-lift conveyors in the children’s park. If you come here in summer, apart from walks along the regulated paths, you can enjoy the panoramic gondola ride.

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The Djerdap Gorge - Iron gate

They say it is the most beautiful one. We recommend that you check it out yourself. Tell us your impressions.

Djerdap gorge, a piece of heaven which combines the empowering beauty of the nature with traces from history. The most beautiful gorge in Europe brought out the most beautiful aspect of the Danube and surrounded its beauty by mountains on either side of Serbian - Romanian border. Along its course the Danube is the longest and deepest in this gorge, which is also known as “Iron Gate” for its power and moodishness.

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Lake Borsko

Lake Borsko is situated at the foot of Mount Crni Vrh. It is transparent with clear mountain water, surrounded by forests, green pastures and meadows. Hotels and car camp, developed courts for small sports, athletics tracks, make an ideal place for the preparation of athletes.

During summer, Lake Borsko is the favorite destination of many swimmers from the whole region. It has several developed beaches, bathing areas and promenades.

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Rtanj mountain

Who says that we don’t have pyramids around!

Legends and myths about the hidden treasure in its midst, aliens and fireballs flying above, stories about positive energy it radiates, but also about the rare beauty, pefect geometrical shape of a pyramid and medicinal herbs that grow only on its hillsides, make Rtanj still insufficiently researched beauty of nature.

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Vratna gates

On a clear mountain river, 30 km away from Negotin, there are huge gates, a work of nature.
Vratna gates or Vratna prerasts are tall stone arches that represent the remains of the former large cave. They are located in the impressive canyon of the Vratna River. These are very rare occurrences in the world, and here there are even three of them: Veliki (Big), Suvi (Dry) and Mali (Small) prerasts.

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Rajko’s cave

Do you know that there is such unusual beauty hidden under the Earth’s surface?

Rajko’s cave got its name after famous Rajko Voivode, who is supposed to have lived in the 19th century. According to tradition, during the day he was innkeeper, while at night he robbed Turkish caravans and hid the treasure in this cave.

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Lazar’s kanyon

 I will take you to a hidden place, through time and through space.

Passage through Lazar’s Canyon represents a trip through space and time, in which, like nowhere else, nature’s pulse beats through unusual peace and richness of the living world. Jovan Cvijić wrote about eastern Serbia with dedicated passion, often using descriptive and lyrical elements, which are so uncharacteristic for scientific works. One can say that whoever comes to Lazar's canyon gets so inspired.

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Stol mountain

Trust us, no ‘rubble’ (krš) is this beautiful.

Stol represents the highest peak of the mountain Goli Krš (1156 m). It is located between the mountains Veliki Krš, Mali Krš and Deli Jovan. This mountain is 20 km north of Bor. It represents an exceptional oasis of greenery, quiet and floral meadows. It is suitable for mountaineering, alpinism, paragliding, hunting.

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Crni Vrh mountain

Crni vrh is situated 30 km away from Bor. It is a part of the Kučaj forest complex. The highest peak is at 1043 m. It abounds in black pine forest after which it was named. It possesses a pleasant mountain climate which works extremely well for recreational and therapeutic purposes.

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Lazar’s or Zlot cave

If you thought that there are no bison around here, you are wrong.

Lazar’s or Zlot cave is located near the village of Zlot, 18 km away from Bor. According to a legend, Lazar’s cave got its name after Prince Lazar. It falls in the category of river caves. It is rich in cave decorations: stalagmites, stalactites and cave columns and comprises several halls. It is characterized by numerous stalagmites and stalactites of unusual shapes and forms. One of those looks like a bison.

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